How will you show a winning mindset and continuously raise the bar?

How will you show a winning mindset and continuously raise the bar?

Which tools will enable you to measure your ROL (Return on Leadership)?

What action will you take to develop and contribute to a high-performing and inspiring organizational culture?

How will you lead successfully complex and purposeful changes in the organization?

When will you adopt an innovative mindset for the benefit of your clients/stakeholders?

How will you be resilient and transform today’s difficulties into positive challenges?

When will you begin to develop a higher EQ in leading your organization?


What is the biggest challenge for CEOs, management teams, and business leaders?

Every day the bar of expected results is raised for leaders.  You must succeed with fewer resources and still handle an increased complexity of more and diverse demands from glorecal stakeholders.


How do you constantly leverage innovation, whilst empowering and aligning your organization to be ahead of these dynamic changes?


Q Challenge Journey focuses on strengthening the culture of your organization and your leadership style to go above the bar.


How will you explore raising the bar?


Who is already driven to be continuously challenged to reach above the rising bar?

Renowned and prestigious companies, their highest leaders and game changers understand the impact of corporate culture and strong leadership on their organizations. They are using Q Challenge Journey’s expertise and skills in maximizing people’s performance to maintain and exceed their top positions in their markets.

CEOs and top leaders have been working with Q Challenge Journey in ongoing relationships seeing first-hand the results our holistic change programs brought to their companies. As leaders within are promoted, they continue the journey of the ever-increasing challenges with Q Challenge Journey.


How can we instill this deepest level of trust in you as well?



What will make your organizational culture or style of leaders unique in the eyes of your stakeholders?

Which leadership competencies lived by your leaders and which values shared by the entire organization will be an inspiration to your external and internal stakeholders?

Less differentiation in products and technologies is a result of the competition that catches up on your pioneer position quickly. The way your leaders lead, interact and communicate with stakeholders will make the difference to your business success.


How will you create a set of values and competencies that will be meaningful for your stakeholders and business?



How will you securely navigate your leadership development or the culture development of your organization?

Today it is all about measuring results and progress.


This is why Q Challenge Journey developed a tool that measures behavior and its impact on the business results. 

Our QSCAN tool measures your leadership performance and the strength of your culture, and visualizes the outcome as a cockpit point of view.

You need to know how much power (SWOT) your organizations or leaders have, how much energy to build on for the future (potential) and in which environment to navigate best (vertical analysis by continent, country, division, department and stakeholder group or horizontal) as well as what progress has been made (longitudinal analysis) and how to benchmark against objectives and the past performance.


How high is your bar today and how high would you like to raise it?



EQ eats IQ for breakfast !

Coaching & Sparring is where change of mindset and behavior begins and manifests itself. 

We believe that the way we think, behave and communicate cannot be taught through books; it must be approached in the context of real situations. In most of today’s complex situations, emotional intelligence is the answer, not knowledge.

In workshops of teams or cross-functional groups or in one-to-one sessions, our coaches – here called Challengers – enter into the ring with top leaders who seek a sparring partner or a sounding board to gain absolute mastery in Emotional Intelligence.


When will you be ready to be challenged? 



What can you do to excite your clients?

From Features & Benefit Selling in the 90’s, to Value-Added Selling in the Millennium, we have transitioned to Visionary & Emotional Selling since 2010.  In a tailored approach, your sales force will address how to understand and create needs and how to lead clients and stakeholders.  Here we dive deep into blue water to anticipate the needs of the future and to set the trends with dynamic innovation.


What qualities will your sales force need to influence positively and to inspire your clients?



How will you sustainably internalize and externalize new ways of thinking, behaving and communicating?

The biggest challenge to internalizing and maintaining a new mindset, behavior and communication style is making it authentic, consistent and regenerative to be experienced again in more complex situations.


Following Coaching & Sparring, leaders can respond to interactive situational scenarios specifically designed to enhance Q Challenge Journey approaches and the way they support your organization’s visions, values and competencies. Our QCC coaches will provide prompt personalized feedback, allowing leaders to continue working toward greater degrees of internalization and achievement.


How will you obtain a black belt in living the values of your organization?



How will you be part of a virtual team game to make the impossible possible?

Mindset and behavior change is fun! 

Q Challenge Journey sets the trend of virtual leadership and cooperation games. Following Coaching & Sparring, leaders around the world can log-in, apply what has been learned and compete or cooperate to make the impossible possible in leadership specific games designed to enhance virtual cooperation.

How will you (re-)discover your joy to play?


How far and how high will you aim to achieve your objectives?

How will you align the strengthening of your desired organizational behavior and leadership style with your vision and shared values?


Q Challenge Journey offers a variety of services customized to meet and exceed your objectives. Our services are holistic. While they can be experienced individually to target a specific need, they are at their most powerful when implemented as a whole.


Where will you begin the journey?



Which model does Q Challenge coach to enable success for the clients?

More detailed information on the way.



How do we customize a holistic development initiative for a leadership team or for an individual leader?

More detailed information on the way.




Q Challenge Journey’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

Q Mindset approaches and tools addressing specific leadership situations have their origin in sound scientific psychological theories and shared values applied to the real business world.

No fluff!

Three aspects are incorporated into the coaching style of our challengers and coaches:


1- Challenge vs. teach or train

When coaching, we do not offer solutions. If we did, how could we challenge you to raise the bar?


2- Future-oriented style vs. past-oriented style

"How will you approach this challenge?" Not, “Why do you have this certain style?"


3- Championship Philosophy

What are your strengths, and how can we enhance them to become unique qualities?


How will you challenge us?

A Message from the q Chief Challenger

Q Challenge Journey’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct is our commitment to highest possible ethical behaviour in the interaction with all of our stakeholders and it puts our values into practice. We are committed to doing business the right way, based on a culture of ethics and compliance.

We set our bar that high for obvious reasons. We are a coaching firm that enhances our clients’ organizational cultures and how shared values such as respect, trust and integrity are lived by their employees. Hence, each of our employees needs to be a role model when it comes to living the very same values when doing our work, bearing in mind that we have a personal responsibility to live up to the principles of our Code and to encourage others to incorporate them into their work.

Integrity inspires our work and strengthens our reputation as a firm that aims to create admirable results and always seeks to do what is right.

Pat Micalizio
q Chief Challenger

Who must follow our Code?

Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct serves as our ethical commitment and as a compass to proper business conduct for all of our stakeholders. We at Q Challenge Journey are committed to doing business legally, ethically and in a transparent manner.

The Code applies to all employees who work for Q Challenge Journey (including temporary, agency, sub-contractor or consultant staff) and also include other organisations who do business with us.

Each of us has the responsibility to:

  • Discuss, understand and live our Code
  • Think before acting, or ask for support
  • Respect and comply with the law
  • Report concerns

Q Challenge Journey is open to any questions at any time and will not allow punishment or retaliation against anyone for reporting a legitimate or perceived misconduct in good faith.

We are responsible for promptly addressing every raised ethical question or concern. Employees must cooperate in investigations of potential or alleged misconduct.

Non-compliance to this Code is considered to be a misconduct that could warrant disciplinary action, including termination of employment or other contracts in deserving cases.

We are committed to making efforts to apply our values and norms throughout the entire chain of our own vendors, sub-contractors, service providers and business partners.

Our Ethical Values

Our core values at Q Challenge Journey are respect, integrity, trustworthiness and accountability.

Respect and Compliance with the Law

Environmental, trading, safety, and privacy laws and regulations may vary in different countries. As our company is incorporated in Hong Kong, our employees often are subject to Hong Kong law in addition to the laws of the country where they work or where Q Challenge Journey operates. Do know the laws and regulations to your job in the countries where you do business. If local customs or practices differ from our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct or the law, comply with the law and our Code.

Table of Contents

A Message from the q Chief Challenger

Who must follow our Code?

Our Ethical Values

Respect and Compliance with the Law

1. Respect People

1.1    Equal Opportunity Employment

1.2    Harassment, Discrimination and Bullying

1.3    Diversity and Inclusion

1.4    Workplace Health, Safety and Security

1.5    Protection of the Land Rights of Communities

1.6    Embracing Sustainability

2. Act with Integrity

2.1    Compliance with Laws and Regulations

2.2    Avoidance of Conflicts of Interest

2.3    Anti-Bribery

2.4    Preventing Insider Dealing

2.5    Gifts & Hospitality

2.6    Accurate Records

2.7    Anti-money Laundering

3. Be Trustworthy

3.1    Non-public Information

3.2    Fair Competition

4. Demonstrate Accountability

4.1    Company Assets & Intellectual Property (IP)

4.2    Privacy, Personal Data Protection

Ethical Decision Making

1. Respect People

Respect for people and for human rights is one of Q Challenge’s fundamental values. Through our actions and policies, we strive to respect and uphold human rights.

1.1 Equal Opportunity Employment

Q Challenge Journey is committed to a work environment that promotes equal opportunity in its hiring practices, making recruitment decisions based solely on job-related criteria such as qualifications, abilities and potential needed for the work to be performed. We do not use forced labour, e.g., compulsory or trafficked labour, indentured labour, bonded labour or other such forms. Human trafficking or child labour are prohibited. We ensure that all employees are provided with employment documents that are freely agreed and which respect their legal and contractual rights.

All employees are provided with fair compensation packages which meet or exceed the legal minimum standards or appropriate prevailing industry standards.

We do not encourage to work more than the regular hours agreed and allowed by the laws of the country. All overtime work is on voluntary basis.

The rights of employees to freedom of association and collective bargaining are recognized and respected.

1.2 Harassment, Discrimination and Bullying

We respect human rights, mutually trust each other and do not discriminate against others. We treat each other with respect and dignity. This means that all of our employees and stakeholders are entitled to work in an environment that is free of harassment, discrimination and bullying.

Harassment, discrimination and bullying can be noticed through:

  • Unwelcome remarks, gestures or physical contact
  • The circulation or display of offensive, derogatory or sexually explicit pictures or other materials
  • Offensive or derogatory jokes or comments (explicit or by innuendo), potentially based on grounds such as gender, gender identity, race, ethnic or social origin, language, religion or belief, political views, membership of a national minority, disability or age
  • Verbal or physical abuse or threats
  • Spread of malicious or insulting rumours

1.3 Diversity and Inclusion

We respect diversity in each other and in all other stakeholders with whom we interact. Each of us is a key player on our team, deserving our respect. We show that we appreciate others’ varied backgrounds, skills and cultures. We do not single anyone out for negative treatment.

1.4 Workplace Health, Safety and Security

Q Challenge Journey is committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions and complies with all applicable legislation and regulations. Each of us has a duty to work safely and to only undertake work when we are trained, competent, medically fit and sufficiently rested. We do identify health and safety concerns and raise them in order to manage potential risks. We do not undertake work or related activity, such as driving, when under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or when using medication improperly.

1.5 Protection of the Land Rights of Communities

Q Challenge Journey is committed to respect the rights and title to property and land of the individual, indigenous people, and local communities are respected.

1.6 Embracing Sustainability

Q Challenge Journey is committed to meeting current requirements without compromising the needs of future generations. To this, we combine economic, environmental and social factors in our operation and our business decisions. Operations, sourcing and the rendering of our services are conducted with the aim of protecting and preserving the environment.

2. Act with Integrity

Integrity is one of Q Challenge’s core values. Through our actions and policies, we strive to do the right thing.

2.1 Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Q Challenge Journey competes fairly and within legal boundaries. Our coaching services are appreciated in many countries around the world, so our employees must comply with laws and regulations of the countries in which Q Challenge Journey operates. We do ask for legal consultation and advice to ensure that our legitimate interests are protected and report any discovery of illegal activities in connection with Q Challenge Journey’s own or connected operations involving third parties.

2.2 Avoidance of Conflicts of Interest

Our employees are expected to act in the best interest of our firm. We must never allow our personal interests to influence our decisions or actions on behalf of the firm. Every decision we make must be objective and with our firm’s business interests in mind. We do alert relevant authorities if we believe that any of our personal, financial or political activities do or potentially could create a conflict of interest with our roles & responsibilities at Q Challenge Journey.

What could be the grounds of a conflict of interest?

  • A relative or a close personal contact of you works for, or provides any services to competitors, clients or vendors
  • A financial interest you may have in a competitor, client or vendor organization
  • Any interest in a competitor, client or vendor if you are involved in dealing or negotiating with them or in selecting or assessing them
  • Any interest in assuming a proposed role as director, advisory member or officer of another commercial, charitable or non-profit organization, trade association or public bodies
  • Access to commercially sensitive information in connection with Q Challenge Journey’s competitors, clients or vendors

2.3 Anti-Bribery

Q Challenge Journey has a zero-tolerance approach towards acts of bribery or corruption. We never offer or accept anything of value in order to get or retain business or to gain an unfair advantage. We follow anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws wherever we do business and, regardless of what local laws may permit or local circumstances may suggest, never offer, pay, promise to pay or accept anything of value to inappropriately influence the judgment, decisions or actions of others.

What could be anything of value?

  • Cash
  • Gifts
  • Trips & Entertainment
  • Business opportunities
  • Offers of employment

2.4 Preventing Insider Trading

At Q Challenge Journey, we are exposed to information about other organizations with which we conduct business that may not be known by the public.

We comply with international laws on insider dealing, i.e., trading in shares or in other securities when we have inside information about a company. Insider information is knowledge held that is not publicly available. If it did become available, it might influence an investor to make a decision to buy or to sell stocks or other securities. Insider dealing is both illegal and unfair.

2.5 Gifts & Hospitality

We value the relationships and trust we have built with our clients, vendors and other business partners. These relationships and trust should never be affected by offers of inappropriate gifts or hospitality. Our employees do not exchange gifts & hospitality that may be perceived as an attempt to improperly influence a judgment, decision or action. An overgenerous gift may influence the recipient to return the favour to the donor. We politely decline gifts from clients, vendors or other business partners if they are:

  • of more than the low nominal value prescribed
  • in cash or in gift cards
  • Travel or entertainment
  • in the forms of stocks or securities
  • offered in exchange for some action

Gifts presented to our employees in their official capacity and of low nominal value as prescribed, the refusal of which could be seen as unsociable or impolite, can be exceptionally accepted or donated to charity or community purpose. Declined gifts of cash or of an excessive nature, must be registered in the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct Register.

2.6 Accurate Records

Our books, records, accounts and financial statements must be maintained in appropriate detail, and must truly and properly reflect our transactions.

Records could include:

  • time sheets
  • claim forms and expense reports
  • quality assurance records
  • budget forecasts
  • regulatory filings

We commit ourselves to fair taxation and to avoid all tax evasion practices. We retain records according to the requirements of the local laws and regulations or longer.

All employees must follow accounting procedures, ensure that business transactions are recorded and documented appropriately and make certain that all disclosures made in financial reports are full, honest, accurate, timely and understandable. Cooperate fully, openly and honestly with internal and external auditors, tax authorities and other regulators.

2.7 Anti-money Laundering

Money laundering occurs when the proceeds of crime are hidden in legitimate business dealings, or when legitimate funds are used to support criminal activities, including terrorism, drug dealing, tax evasion, human trafficking and fraud.

We condemn all forms of money laundering, so we are committed to do business with partners involved in legitimate business activities with funds derived from legitimate sources. We comply with anti-money laundering, financial crime and antiterrorism laws in all countries in which we operate.

We invest time in understanding our clients, vendors and other business partners and the reputations they have for following the law. We will alert authorities if we notice signals, such as:

  • To (vendors) and from (clients) multiple bank accounts
  • Pay funds to (vendors) and receive funds from (clients) a bank account in the name of a different third party
  • Make (vendors) and receive (vendors) payments in a form not agreed in the normal terms of business
  • Overpayments or payments in advance
  • Cash payments

3. Be Trustworthy

Being trustworthy is one of Q Challenge’s core values. Through our actions and policies, we commit to behaving in ways that others recognize our trustworthiness as essential to the services we provide.

3.1 Non-public Information

We consider any non-public information about our firm and about our clients, coachees, vendors or other business partners that we may have (access to) as part of our assignment to be confidential information. Information can be held on paper, electronically in documents or in IT applications & systems. Our requirements to protect information apply to all formats, and we take this commitment to protection seriously. We keep confidential information safe. We recognize that sharing non-public information with family or friends, or discussing it in public placing or on social media, may put that information at risk of being disclosed and potentially misused. We remember that our commitment of keeping non-public information lasts beyond our previous, current and next employment.

3.2 Fair Competition

Antitrust laws protect fair competition. Supporting these principles is important to us, not only because it is the law, but because it is what we believe in, respect and promote. We hold ourselves accountable and never enter into any agreement or an inappropriate conversation with a competitor on:

  • Price fixing
  • Division of territories, markets or clients
  • Bid rigging
  • Boycotting other companies
  • Preventing another company from entering the market

Q Challenge Journey respects the intellectual property of third parties, including competitors, vendors and clients. We only collect competitors’ information from the public domain, e.g., from newspapers, the internet and company filings. We only gather and use or share competitors’ information that is known to be legitimate, indicating the source of information. We do not seek to obtain competitors’ confidential information. We alert others if we have obtained a competitor’s confidential information unintentionally. We do not infringe patents, design rights, trademarks, copyright or other intellectual property rights of any third party.

4. Demonstrate Accountability

Demonstrating accountability is one of Q Challenge’s fundamental values. Through our actions and policies, we hold ourselves accountable for keeping our promises and abiding by all legal and community guidelines.

4.1 Company Assets & Intellectual Property (IP)

We are responsible for the security, protection and for the economic use of our firm’s resources. Our resources, including time, material, equipment and information are provided for legitimate business use only. Occasional personal use is permissible as long as it is lawful, does not affect job performance or disrupt workplace morale.

All employees are obliged to follow appropriate security measures and they should treat our firm’s property, whether material or intangible, with respect and shouldn’t misuse our Company assets or use them carelessly.

Intellectual Property (IP), i.e., patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets are also valuable Company assets. We protect IP and note that our firm owns any work product (such as ideas, processes and inventions) that are designed or developed in working for/with us. The ownership continues even if you leave our firm.

4.2 Privacy, Personal Data Protection

Q Challenge Journey respects people’s privacy and we acknowledge clients, employees and other natural persons’ need to feel confident that their personal data is processed appropriately and for a legitimate business purpose. We are committed to comply with all personal data protection laws. We only acquire and keep personal information that is necessary and we give proper information on these activities to data owners. We implement proper and stringent security measures to assure confidentiality, integrity and availability of personal information.

We do observe the legal requirements, apply compliant practices and follow related procedures to ensure legality of personal data handling and processing activities.

Ethical Decision Making

Ethical conduct is a value-driven decision making. Several key questions can help to identify situations that may be unethical, inappropriate or illegal. We ask ourselves:

  • Is what I am doing legal?
  • Does it reflect our core values and ethics?
  • Does it comply with the Code and our firm’s rules/policies?
  • Does it respect the rights of others?
  • How would it look if it made the news headlines?
  • Is this the right thing to do?
  • What would I tell my child to do?
  • Would I be comfortable with the example it sets for future decisions?

We appreciate your commitment to Q Challenge Journey and our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. Be inspired and work each day in a way that inspires others. Follow not only our Code and the laws and regulations, but also your conscience. When you notice something that does not feel right or puts our firm, our people or those we serve at risk, you can speak up and share your concerns, knowing that Q Challenge Journey wants to hear them.

©Q Challenge Journey 2021. All rights reserved.

PRO q2

PRO q2

What culture do we live within Q Challenge Journey?

Many clients are qurious about what Q Challenge Journey’s vision and own desired culture is.

Our vision is to be the trendsetter in maximizing people’s performance.


The Q Challenge Journey team shares the following values and guiding principles:

We are Passionate.

We inspire each other always and do not settle. We enjoy what we do and show our passion.

We are Reliable. 
We exceed expectations of our stakeholders and create confidence in them.


We are Open. 
We share our successes and our challenges in order to live the Championship Philosophy. We challenge one another constructively to rise well above the bar.


We surprise with Qualitative Uniqueness to obtain an excellent Quantitative Outcome.
We believe that our attention to Quality and to the details makes the difference between rising above the bar and simply meeting the bar.

Without Question, we have the DRIVE TO EXCEL.


How will you allow us to show you PRO q2 ?



How do we continue to challenge ourselves?

In Q Challenge Journey, you will always find inspiring challengers and coaches initiating and guiding sustainable mindset and behavioral changes with top leaders. We stretch ourselves and each other to be tigers that challenge.


That is why we founded Q Academy.  Our coaches have been senior leaders in multi-national organizations with high degrees of responsibility. They have lived the real world of leadership and continue to stay sharp for themselves, one another and you.


How high will our challengers and coaches set the bar for themselves?



Where has our journey brought us so far?

Business today demands knowledge of and experience with the interlinked relationships of having organizations on the global, regional and local markets. Q Challenge Journey has this glorecal mindset and already has a presence in 6 continents


In which part of the globe will your leadership and organizational needs take us?

Hong Kong
Uunited Kingdom
South Korea
United States
New Caledonia
New Zealand
South Africa
United Arab Emirates


What drives us to challenge you to reach above the rising bar?

The requirements for the development of organizations and leaders become more differentiated and individualistic daily.

At Q Challenge Journey, we do not follow the path of standardized programs. Instead we develop and customize developmental measures according to each client’s needs, centered around the purpose and shared values of the organization.

Together with each client, we carefully consider how the desired shared values can be truly integrated in the leadership style and thus inspire internal and external stakeholders to align with the purpose of the organization while addressing the complex challenges in the market.

Our philosophy takes effect when the leaders we coach gain maximum respect from stakeholders for making the right decisions, for executing the actions they promised and by inspiring interaction with others.


How do you allow us to challenge assumptions and approaches of the old school within your organization?


Who are our front line team members?

Like you, we are global and multicultural, facing the same challenges. And like you, uniQueness resides in our people.


In what way will each of us empower you in your drive to excellence?


When will you take action to contact us?

You are ready to take the next step in your leadership and organizational culture development.


How to reach our global contact point?


Level 23, 18 Westlands Road,

Island East,

Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2809 2879
Fax: +852 2809 2029